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Online Sales Training Courses

Online Sales Training Class

The Sales Coaching Institutes Online Sales Training Modules

Whether you’re learning about crucial aspects of the sales cycle, making sales calls, or coaching your sales team for performance – The Sales Coaching Institutes full suite of online sales training courses can help you to achieve your sales training objectives.

Success in sales requires mastery of the sales process. Our engaging online sales training programs teach practical sales skills and selling techniques to help you master all aspects of the sales process. Our programs help you focus on one key selling skill at a time. Challenge yourself with, pop quizzes, tests and additional training material including access to videos, 13 Executive White Papers & 7 eBooks designed to help you transform your sales career.

Sales Cycle

Understanding the Sales Cycle

  • Do you remember your last successful sales experience?
  • What made it great?
  • What steps did you take to make it a lasting and memorable experience for your customer?
Prospecting and Territory Management

Prospecting and Territory Management

  • Are you asking the right questions?
  • What factors influence effective prospecting?
  • How does it affect proper territory management?
Sales Call

Opening the Sales Call

  • What will your opening statements be?
  • In what ways can you build trust and rapport with your customers?
  • How will you deal with objections during sales calls?
Questions and Answers to Ask for Sales Customer

What to Ask and How to Listen

  • Which questions get the most information from customers?
  • When will you ask questions?
  • How will you know what questions are the most effective?
  • What are you listening for during client’s responses?
Presenting Solutions, Overcoming Objections, and Closing the Sale

Presenting Solutions, Overcoming Objections, and Closing the Sale

  • How will you present your solutions to customers in a compelling way?
  • What techniques will you utilize to overcome objections?
  • How will you transition smoothly to closing the sale?
Developing Clients for Life

Developing Clients for Life

  • How will you implement your product or service after the sale?
  • What techniques will you utilize to improve relationships with clients?
  • How will you handle customer feedback and concerns?
Sales Coaching for Performance

Sales Coaching for Performance

  • Do you know what effective sales coaching looks, feels, and sounds like?
  • What factors influence a healthy sales culture?
  • How will you provide and receive feedback to improve your sales performance?

State of the Art Individual or Team-Based Online Sales Training Platform

Our online sales training classes have been utilized by sales professionals and sales teams from all over the globe to instill fundamental sales skills that are crucial to success in an ever changing, competitive sales environment.

Whether you’re a novice sales representative learning the ropes, veteran sales professional trying to sharpen your skills, or a sales manager looking to inspire your sales force, our online sales training services will help you exceed training goals and improve sales performance.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Access all of our online sales training classes anytime either offline or online at your own pace. Supplement your busy schedule with online sales training lessons to help you build new skills to transform your career in sales. Having unlimited access to professional sales training classes and course material ensures success in your selling endeavors.

Field-Tested Insights from Expert Sales Coaches

The insights from our online sales training classes are derived from years of rigorous application in a wide variety of sales scenarios. The certified expert sales consultants at The Sales Coaching Institute have all had over 20 years of success in sales training and sales leadership. They created and curated high-quality, results driven, online sales courses that will improve the overall sales performance of your organization.

Reinforced Training & Bonus Materials

To achieve and instill sales training excellence, The Sales Coaching Institute relies on “reinforcement training” – a system that combines reviewing of the sales training materials along with access to online sales training workshops and individual sales coaching sessions.

By enrolling in the Doug Dvorak Sales Training Learning Management System, participants are granted access to 13 sales related White Papers and 7 sales related eBooks. Each White Paper and eBook contains content that reinforces the training that the sales modules provide. This extra content represents a $250 value.

The Sales Coaching Institutes Online Sales Training Modules Go Above & Beyond

The Sales Coaching Institute offers more than just online sales training for your sales reps. Our online sales training courses are customizable and engaging. They provide the resources and inspiration for your team to realize their full potential.

We customize our core online sales training content to better suit your organization’s overall business objectives, sales training goals, and sales culture. Our program develops your team’s sales skills to suit your organizations sales training requirements. This level of dedication and customization amounts to measurable results.

  • Start Making Your Numbers
  • Begin a New Life & Hold Yourself to a Higher Standard
  • Connect with More People
  • Open More Doors & Discover New Opportunities
  • Take Advantage of Those Opportunities

This is a chance to change your sales career and your life. But remember, if you don’t take action, there will be no positive outcome. It’s hard making your numbers, selling is hard! If it was so easy, everyone would do it!

It’s no longer enough to just want sales success. You have to go for it!

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