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Sales Coaching Offer

Close More Deals with our Customized Self-Paced Sales Coaching Programs

What's Inside

This Course prepares you & your sales team members with the best-in-class consultative sales training & coaching program. Developed by Doug Dvorak – The World’s Number One Sales

Certified Sales Coaches and Trainers

8-Week Program

One-hour Per Week – Self paced

What is included in your customized sales coaching program?

  • Lifetime access to Doug’s sales training university
  • 2 sales skills assessments focusing on your behaviors, attitudes, motivators & sales skillsratings in six core areas
  • 2 one-on-one 30-minute sales coaching sessions with a Certified Master Sales Coach
  • Lifetime access to eight eBooks & 23 executive whitepapers on all aspects of selling
  • Customized personal sales coaching journal

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