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Getting to C-Level

12 Ground Breaking Sales Strategies to Penetrate the C-Suite

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What's Inside

The professionals at The Sales Coaching Institute have put together 12 strategies to help you earn the trust of the C-suite and penetrate the C-suite. By integrating these techniques into your sales process, the results will be noticeable, doors will open, and the rest is up to you.

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  • Enter C-level meetings with a very good understanding of what challenges the C-suite is facing
  • Execute proactivity though meeting with executives to discuss future needs and goals
  • Take the sales meeting out of the “meeting” model and connect on a personal yet professional level as a partner
  • Ask open-ended questions that are relevant and don’t end up seeming like a probe
  • Form partnerships with your high-profile client as a trusted advisor that can help resolve business challenges they are facing
  • Hyper-target each of your sales presentations to different executives based on his/her background


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Your Ultimate Guide to Selling to the C-Suite

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