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Sales Management Cadence Training


Sales Cadence - Engage with Your Team More Effectively

Sales managers are extremely busy attending meetings, hiring, firing, and coaching. They are constantly learning new technologies to stay up to date with the latest CRM’s and data tools that will drive their organization forward. All of these tasks are extremely important and with a busy schedule, it can be difficult for sales managers to know how much time and energy to allocate to each task.

Sales management cadence is used to create a repeatable and scalable sales process. Effective sales managers use their weekly, monthly & quarterly sales cadence meetings to coach their sales reps and drive results. A sales management cadence is typically a schedule of meetings for sales managers to follow up with their sales reps to better understand the sales rep’s pipeline, sales stage progress and forecast revenue. This is your time to coach your sales reps to establish best practices and next steps as they relate to their current sales pipeline.

The Sales Coaching Institutes sales management cadence training provides your sales managers with a documented sales management cadence process. Having a documented sales management cadence process enables your managers to know exactly what to do and how often you expect them to do it.


Sales Management Cadence Training Learning Objectives and Outcomes

  • Determine which management interactions are important to your team.

  • Determine the frequency and duration of meetings for your team (weekly one on ones, bi-weekly pipeline reviews, etc.)

  • Determine the most effective methods of communication for your team.

  • Establishes your new sales management cadence process with your managers in a documented and structured format that is reviewed, practiced, implemented and most importantly, repeatable.

  • Common Mistakes to Avoid (doing too much in one meeting, frequent rescheduling, lack of purpose or agenda, etc.)

  • Helps your sales managers set expectations.

  • Unites your sales reps and sales managers as a team.

  • Improved communication between your sales reps and sales managers.

Sales managers who do not have an effective sales management cadence continuously miss their forecast and provide bad guidance to the business for revenue projections. On the other hand, developing and perfecting your sales management cadence process, especially for growing companies/teams, helps to create a repeatable and scalable process that aligns to the company’s revenue objectives and achieves the team’s forecast.


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