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Sales Coaching Mentorship Program

Sales Coaching Mentorship Program

Upgrade Your Sales Game

Sales can be the highest paying hard work and the lowest paying easy work. If you are struggling with motivation, stress, making your numbers or just can’t seem to catch a break, The Sales Coaching Institutes sales mentorship program will help.

Why Do You Need This Program

In this digital age where most “human contact” involves looking into a screen, it is understandable that most people feel disengaged and isolated. Therefore, we must not let ourselves fall prey to separation. We must continue to foster relationships that provide support and hope.

We must transfer our knowledge and power so that solving client’s business problems matches our presence in all other endeavors. We are much more likely to succeed as friends than as detached individuals or worse yet, foes.

Sales is the closest career related to contact sports. The Sales Coaching Institutes sales leadership mentors and coaches will teach you how to play the game of selling like a seasoned professional. You will learn, but more importantly, you will be held accountable. Our sales mentorship program follows a detailed format for following up on key areas. By doing this, we are able to keep track of your progress & your setbacks. We take the time to investigate, research, and respond with action orientated solutions that WILL solve your toughest sales related challenges.

This sales mentorship program gives you the unique ability to hear a fresh new perspective. You can ask as many questions you want, this very well may expand your thinking, allowing you to find fresh perspectives that will positively impact your business, position or direction.

Today’s Sales Students.

Tomorrow’s Sales Leaders.

We are a reflection of the success you and your group will receive while enrolled in our sales mentorship program!

Program Benefits

  • A complete step-by-step program anyone can follow & implement
  • An experienced & successful mentor/coach that WILL hold you accountable
  • An inexpensive way to use and leverage a mentorship program
  • Understand the importance of mentor’s
  • Discover new ways to get involved in other mentorship programs
  • Leverage social media to build your network and feed your pipeline
  • Learn every single aspect of your product and services
  • Know your competitors better than they know themselves
  • Use our sales force audits to pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses
  • Learn how to dodge time-wasting prospects that don’t have a need, desire, financial capacity or authority
  • Learn AND be held accountable on how to delegate your time properly
  • Learn what areas you need to focus on the most and put a great effort towards improving those specific skills or actions
  • Increase sales by building new pipelines that are constantly feeding your funnel

Students Gain Access to the Following Learning, Training, & Educational Material

  • Gain access to The Sales Coaching Institute’s online sales training LMS (Learning Management System).
  • Gain access to over 19 executive White Papers
  • Receive 2 FREE eBooks authored by The Sales Coaching Institute’s CEO, Doug Dvorak.
  • Ongoing weekly motivation, inspiration and organizational orientated calls/video conferences with your sales mentor to keep you moving forward.
  • Two scheduled sales mentorship program meetings 2 times per week (45-minute training sessions) followed by 15-min Q&A. Up to 2 people are allowed to attend.
  • Accountability. Our mentors will keep track of your sales assessments, agreements, commitments, processes, and more.
  • WARNING: You will be held accountable!

Note: This program can be customized for an individual, a small-medium sized group of no more than 20 individuals. Another package can be purchased for another set of individuals.