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Successful Telephone Selling Techniques

Phone Selling Techniques
Phone Selling

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Get SMART with Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Telephone Selling Techniques

Get SMART with Specific Measurable Achievable Relevant Techniques

The frustration of voicemail and the ease of email have caused the majority of sales teams to abandon the most effective tool in their sales kit … the telephone. Yet prospects are hungry for the intimate conversations and excellence of service that only the phone provides. Is your sales team making fewer phone calls? Are they frustrated with voicemail and their ability to reach prospects and existing customers? Has email become their primary means of communication? If so, you are missing out on sales opportunities and increased revenue.

S.M.A.R.T. Phone Selling Increases Sales Revenue by Giving You and Your Sales Team the Skills to:

Identify the number of calls necessary to reach – and exceed – your goals

Create dynamic messages that dramatically improve your call return rate

Work with gatekeepers to reach more decision makers

Ask great questions – and know when to ask them

Employ active listening skills to “hear” more about your prospects’ needs and desires

Design a compelling 20-second phone pitch that immediately engages prospects

Inspire conversations that build trust and loyalty

Schedule more appointments with deeply qualified prospects

Research quality prospects using LinkedIn, Google, Twitter, etc.

Knowing how to communicate effectively on the telephone is key to sales success. Through thoughtful conversation and discussion you will build greater trust and learn more about the needs and desires of your customers – needs and desires you can fulfill with your products and services.

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Successful Telephone Selling Techniques

Successful Telephone Selling Techniques

Negotiation for Sales Professionals

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