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Understanding the Sales Cycle

Sales Cycle

Developing meaningful relationships with customers and understanding their needs and challenges is just one aspect of the sales cycle. Each aspect of the sales cycle is crucial to understanding how to successfully communicate with the modern-day buyer and move from prospect to customer.

Learning Objectives

  • Assess your strengths and areas for improvement
  • Describe customer-focused selling
  • State trends in today’s selling environment
  • Explain the steps in the customer buying cycle
  • Describe the decision-making process
  • Describe the steps in the sales process

This online sales training course will focus on training you to understand crucial aspects of the sales process and the factors that influence customer attitudes, behaviors, and decision-making mentalities. Mastery of this web-based sales training module will train you to understand the sales process inside and out; from asking the right questions to discovering customer/prospect needs to understanding the impact of our interactive digital landscape on customer communication. The course takes a 360 degree look into every aspect of the sales cycle.