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Sales Success Insights Assessment

Define Unique Selling Styles through DISC Tests & Behavioral Assessments

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Targeting Sales People

The Sales Training Institute’s Assessment programs and workshops deliver detailed reports that are provided by unique algorithms generated by proprietary software. These reports provide sales professionals with invaluable insights as to what their organic selling styles are.

Our assessment is provided to allow outside sales professionals learn and grow within their career. Sales people have to earn their income through productivity just like everyone else in the company. However, there are some major differences when it comes to their actual job and day-to-day activities. Our Sales Skills Assessment grasps these dissimilarities and helps to provide valuable information on a persons complete selling preferences.

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Talent is key in today’s hyper-aggressive economy and marketplace. Success is more difficult than it has been in the past. Door to door sales are less common and the level of competition has never been greater. Having an educated and competent sales force is key to your organizations overall stability and growth.

The Sales Success Insights Assessment provides computer-generated reports that allow the sales professional to gain a perspective of their organic selling techniques and tactics. This shows their strengths in terms of what types of products or services they should be selling or would be good at selling.

The software also helps managers and sales professionals understand the pros and cons of their sales presentation as well as the manner in which they cultivate and maintain their book of clients from their first impressions to the close of the sale. Each report is custom and unique to fit the individuals selling style, giving the sales professional and sales management distinctive aspects to focus on for future improvement.

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Our Sales Success Insights Assessment Contents

Sales Characteristics

Strengths that Improve the Organization

Communication Guidelines

Do’s and Don’ts throughout customer interaction

Ordinary and Reformed Sales Style

Problems, People, Pace & Procedures

Behavioral Style

How they perceive themselves and others

Sales Advice

Best Suited Atmospheres and Situations

Adapted Style

Current Behavior in Relation to Work

Behavioral Hierarchy

Plan of Attack

Style Insights™ Graphs

The Success Insights® Wheel

Motivational & Managing Musts

Focus Areas for Development


Why Choose Sales Success Insights Assessment

Assessment Effects & Profits

Investing in The Sales Coaching Institutes Sales Skills Assessment for your sales force can produce speedy positive change and precious dividends in several areas including but not limited to:

  • Find successful sales professionals & create a routine for hiring those exceptional sales professionals.
  • Gauge your entire sales forces real world performance.
  • Demonstrate how managers should go about optimizing their sales team.
  • Coach the sales team effectively for optimal results.
  • Pick the salesperson that will benefit the company the most in your current given situation.
  • Help your sales force slackers redeem themselves and get back in the winners circle.
  • Cut your sales force turnover rate and investment expenses on sales coaching.
  • Increase sales – Your MAIN objective.

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