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Online Sales Webinars

Virtual Sales Training For Sales Reps

Some of The Topics Discussed In During Our Sales Webinars


A few quick facts about virtual learning:

Webinars and online learning typically requires 40% to 60% less employee time than learning the same material in a traditional classroom setting

After implementing a sales webinar in their company, IBM found that participants learned nearly five times more material without increasing the time spent in training.

According to Molly Fletcher Company, organizations can achieve an 18% boost in employee engagement by implementing a virtual learning curriculum and environment such as a webinar.

Virtual learning such as sales webinars are good for the environment.  Britain’s Open University’s study found that producing and providing eLearning courses consumes an average of 90% less energy and produces 85% fewer CO2 emissions per student than conventional face-to-face courses

Doug Dvorak, The Sales Coaching Institutes CEO holds the Certified Virtual Presenter designation from eSpeakers. This certificate is supported by leading industry organizations such as Meeting Professionals International, Smart Meetings, and Senior Planners Industry Network.

Doug is in charge and takes lead on all online sales webinars. With over 15 years of professional speaking experience, Doug’s virtual keynote presentations are authentic and exciting. His deep understanding of Zoom, WebEx, and other virtual presentation tools allows him to present virtual presentations that keep the audience excited and engaged.


Virtual Sales Training For Sales Reps That Go Above & Beyond

Over the past few years – even before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic – an increasing number of businesses were concentrating on moving into the digital realm as online shopping and social media steadily eroded traditional sales models. Implementing strategies like email (marketing) automation sending text messages out to their prospects and clients at the right time in their buying cycle.

Despite the obvious and growing trend of virtual learning, working, sales, and more; many companies were stubborn and resisting diving head-on into online sales opting instead to slowly integrate web-based features into their businesses.

What a difference a few months can make! Now, ready or not, everyone is in the process of moving as much of their business as possible online and coming up with other creative ways to continue to drive targeted traffic to their website(s).

Even if your company is one of those scrambling to catch up, there is some good news: Your consumers are already online waiting for you.


Online sales webinar statistics that sales leaders need to know

  • A survey of 2,500 sales organizations found that those with “comprehensive virtual sales coaching programs” have 218% higher revenue per sales representative and 24% higher profit margins.
  • Online sales webinars increases retention rates by 25% to 60%.
  • Online sales webinars can increase the income of sales reps by up to 42%
 (Sources: eLearning Industry & Statistica)

Several pre-COVID surveys showed there is almost no generation gap when it comes to people buying products and services online. Here are some facts that reveal how mainstream web-based purchasing had already become:

  • Traditional (aka Baby Boomers) used mobile apps over 70% of the time to search for information on companies and their products
  • Generation X used mobile apps for this purpose more than 80% of the time
  • Millennials and Gen Z used them more than 90% of the time

Plus, all these generations had begun exhibiting an increasing preference for buying products or services without the involvement of a traditional salesperson. Here are some more numbers relating to that growing phenomenon:

  • More than 80% of Traditionals bought without speaking to a sales rep
  • Nearly 90% of Generation X did the same thing
  • Over 95% of Millennials and Generation Z preferred the “self-serve” route

Virtual Sales Training For Sales Professionals

Due to the fact that most consumers now prefer to do their own research without the input of a sales rep, it has never been more important for employers to provide their sales teams with access to industry-leading online sales webinars.

While some so-called traditional sales skills will remain important, your employees will need to be more flexible in the future if they hope to connect with today’s consumers using the methods they prefer. Your salespeople will have very different roles to play and signing them up for professional sales webinars online will be an important step in their ongoing education and development.

Today, potential buyers and clients are less likely to call to have a sales rep talk them through all the pros and cons of a product or service. Providing your salespeople with access to top-notch online sales webinars will help them learn the new skills they need in the realm where they will have to use them.


Sales Webinars Can Revolve Around Many Different Sales Skills

Sales Relationship

Digital Relationships Close Sales

Companies succeeding online have salespeople adept at making themselves part of the purchaser’s journey. They understand that before they even are able to connect with a prospect, that person has conducted an online search, read reviews, and talked to their friends or followers through social media.


By providing your teams with first-class sales training webinars, they will learn how to make themselves an indispensable part of the modern buyer’s journey including the often-neglected period after the sale. They will learn to stay in contact with the customer through a minimum of 3 online mediums including LinkedIn, Email, and Facebook/Instagram/ or something else that interests them both.

Online Sales Webinars Boost Sales Revenue

Here are a few more interesting statistics about today’s customers and clients:

  • 25% of Traditionals use online chat for preliminary questions
  • 85% of Generation X use online chat for preliminary questions
  • 90% of Millennials and Generation Z use online chat for preliminary questions
  • 50% of Traditionals regularly complete purchases on social media
  • 90% of Gen X, Millennials and Gen Y regularly complete purchases on social media
  • 40% of Traditionals receive purchase information from SMS and voice-activated personal assistants
  • More than 75% of Gen X, Millennials and Gen Y receive purchase information from SMS and voice-activated personal assistants

The truth is this digital world is growing at an exponential rate and it is not slowing down anytime soon.  The future just got here a little sooner than we thought it would. That being the case, if you want your salespeople to thrive in our new digital world, enlisting the services of a certified sales coach and trainer while engaging consistently with online sales webinars is an important step in the right direction.

Areas of Focus for Online Sales Webinars

  • Tactical Sales Auditing and Organizational Assessments
  • Programs that develop and train the sales management force
  • Creating parallel goals and objectives between sales professionals and the organizations they work for, generating a definite advantage.
  • Mentoring the sales staff and management staff and designing custom programs to help meet set goals and objectives.
  • Developing a new and elite sales process that revolves around a performance driven team.
  • Consulting and further mentoring the entire organization and sales force to improve interconnectedness to stabilize your process.
  • Breaking down problems into their simplest forms to create effective solutions.

Additional Areas of Focus for Virtual Sales Webinars

  • Understanding Sales Objections
  • Prospecting and Territory Management
  • Opening the Sales Call
  • What To Ask and How To Listen
  • Presenting Solutions, Overcoming Objections, and Closing the Sale
  • Developing Clients for Life
  • Sales Coaching for Performance

All of The Sales Coaching Institutes sales webinars content is proprietary, custom, and specifically developed for each organization and industry that we work with.

The term “instant gratification” almost doesn’t apply to how quickly people want things done these days. So, if your customer has to click through 15 Google links to get the information they want, you’re probably going to lose their business.

Likewise, the average person’s attention span is about 15 minutes. Our effective sales webinar presents on a specific topic or group of related topics in great detail. We provide a link to the webinar for your sales reps to view and review again and again. This type of learning allows your sales reps to reengage with the material and truly learn the concepts and how they can be applied to real-world sales strategies.

Superb management is critical to the success of any sales organization.

Our Sales Webinars Training Programs Help Sales Managers Improve Their Sales Forces


Job Gratification

Overall Moral


Leadership Skills

Our Sales Webinars Also Focus On Decreasing

Call Reluctance

Unprofitable Business

Turnover Rate

Inefficient Sales Process

Fear of Rejection

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