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5 Ways to Better Utilize Your Ipad or Tablet for More Effective Sales

November 9th, 2015

5 Ways to Better Utilize Your Ipad or Tablet for More Effective Sales

Working in sales can be brutal. The hours are long, and sales reps may be frustrated if their performance isn’t up to par. The one thing that can improve any sales professional’s performance is an Ipad. An Ipad will give them the convenience they need, to get their job done effectively and efficiently. Below are 5 of the best ways to utilize an Ipad or tablet to be effective in sales.

Presentations and Meetings

When you are demonstrating your products, it can be really convenient to have key points of your presentation on the Ipad. When a customer wants information or product photos, you will be able to show them with ease if you have an Ipad handy. The screen is large enough that they won’t have to squint, and this is a really convenient way to have all of your product information at your fingertips. An Ipad is especially useful if you are out in people’s homes selling, or if you are away from your office.

Taking Notes

The Ipad has a lot of convenient features and apps that make note taking a breeze. It is important to take notes about your prospective buyer, so that you will remember them in the future, and know what their preferences are, or what they are looking for. You can document things easily with an Ipad note taking app, and you will be able to download the notes to your office computer when you return to the office. An Ipad will help to keep you organized. Using an iPad saves a lot more time and will create more concise notes as opposed to a paper and pen, which can get messy and can be easily lost or misplaced.

Social Media Tools

Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, and LinkedIn apps can all be easily accessed from an Ipad, no matter where you are. Social media tools are vital in sales, because the bulk of a company’s business may come from these platforms. Sales professionals need to check these sites frequently. If sales professionals want to monitor their social media pages, they can use their Ipad to run enterprise solutions, such as Radian 6, to know what is being said about them instantly. Monitoring is important if you want to be effective in sales.


Sales professionals lead busy lives. A conferencing app on their Ipad will allow them to easily see what meetings are scheduled, follow tweets, see presentation slides, and enter notes about meetings or events. Staying organized is essential. These apps are really effective in helping sales professionals to improve their performances.


Even though a calculator may not seem like a great feature, it is! When you are pitching your products to prospective customers, and they want to know pricing options, taxes, financing options, prices with interest rates, or other related financial information, you will need the ability to calculate things fast. Their time is valuable, and so is yours, so don’t waste it! An Ipad calculator is one of the most convenient tools that a sales representative can have.

The above ways are just a few of the ways that an Ipad can benefit sales professionals to make them more effective in sales. There are thousands of apps on the market, so they can be as effective as they take the initiative to be. An Ipad is worth its weight in gold to a sales professional that uses it correctly.