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Why Getting Out of Your Sales Comfort Zone Will Help You Make More Sales

Why Getting Out of Your Sales Comfort Zone Will Help You Make More Sales

When you get stuck in a rut it can reflect in your performance. As a salesperson showing your discontent or disappointment in life is a defeatist attitude that just won’t do. Move away from your comfort zone to increase your sales.

Raise the Bar

Just because you have a minimum sales quota to reach doesn’t mean that is all you should set your sights on. Think big and raise the bar on your own. You might have a minimum but you can be certain there is no maximum. Raise the bar and watch yourself excel.

Become Fully Engaged

If you are putzing through life doing the bare minimum you will get back the bare minimum. Apply yourself and become completely engaged with your job and your clients. Stay on top of your game and know all you can about your competitors. Use this information to a) demonstrate your knowledge and b) have some information prepared about what you have the competitors don’t. Don’t bad mouth or even mention the competitors, just use your knowledge to bring your better qualifications to light.

Experience Discomfort

This is not in everybody’s make up which explains why most of us are not billionaires. A comfort zone sounds cosy, but it can also be a bit of a prison. It is like living in a beautiful home and feeling you never need to visit anywhere else. It stifles and it deadens your desire to succeed. Staying with the same company, selling the same things and knocking on the same doors are all enemies of the salesperson.

LOL in the Face of Fear

Fear can stem from many different aspects of life. Some fears are deeply rooted and quite frankly well warranted. However fear of failure, or worse, fear of success will hold you back from experiencing true fulfillment in life. If you are too afraid to take a night course to learn better sales strategies because you don’t want to go alone, sign up and do it. Ha Ha to fear. If you are too afraid to apply for that Sales Managers job because you might get rejected, type up that resume and leave it on your boss’ desk. Tee Hee to fear.

Your comfort zone is also your prison. Breaking out of it is your best bet for success.

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