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Stop Pitching and Start Solving Clients’ Business Problems

September 10th, 2015

Stop Pitching and Start Solving Clients’ Business Problems

No matter what you sell your sales pitch is not your main focus. You have to think about your products and focus on solving a problem for your client. Whether you sell a product or a service you always have to be aware of how worth while that product or service is and how it can help your client by a) solving their problem and b) making them feel good about their decision at the end of the day.

Discover your Inner Problem Solving Skills

Start with a simple pen and paper approach: write down five things your company does. Then write down five problems each item solves. Think about each point carefully and dig deep. If you just sell paper, don’t think you “just” sell paper. Instead think of the different types, sizes and price breaks offered with the paper. Remember your value proposition and apply it to solve your clients and prospects potential problems.

Listen to their Problems

You can walk in and offer clients a product or service they may or may not need, or you can walk in and ask them a few questions that allow you to identify their problems. Think about what you sell and what problems your product or service solves. Base a few questions on the answers and allow your clients to tell you what it is they need. Try to come up with questions that will make your client realize they do have a problem, even if they don’t buy today, you have put it in their mind that you have a solution. Listen and then decide what part of your business will service them the best. If they keep running out of paper, offer them a standing order with a price break based on a schedule that works with their usage patterns. Don’t just sell paper, sell service that makes them more efficient.

Remember, selling is not about you, it is about your clients. In order for you to perform well you have to stop pitching and start solving problems. Your clients will thank you and your sales numbers will improve.

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