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Save your Salt Lake City Company Money with a Fractional VP of Sales

Save your Salt Lake City Company Money with a Fractional VP of Sales

For any company hoping to reach the next level of success, the Vice President of Sales is an extremely important role. In fact, one could go so far as to say that for most companies, that next level is unachievable without one.

An accomplished VP of Sales will improve accountability and communication and develop proactive strategies to ensure goal alignment and increased profitability. They will also promote a supportive and productive sales culture that fosters growth among your sales team members.

However, many growing companies delay hiring a full-time VP of Sales because of the costs associated with adding a full-time employee at that level. While they almost certainly will end up paying for themselves many times over, pulling the trigger on that initial investment can be nerve racking.

That’s why engaging a Fractional VP of Sales has proven to be such a sensible option for so many Salt Lake City companies and organizations. As they grow, they are getting all the benefits of adding a VP of Sales to their staff at a fraction of the cost.

What is the Skillset of a Fractional VP of Sales?

A fractional VP of sales in Salt Lake City is capable of easily adapting to and understanding a wide variety of business environments. They are also adept at quickly forging working relationships with their team members to make any necessary changes to the company’s sales strategy and culture.

Regardless of whether your Salt Lake City team is just a couple of sales reps working from home or a large in-house team, the right Fractional VP of Sales will get everyone on the same page and rowing in the same direction.

How to Find the Perfect VP of Sales

Finding the right fit for your company can be challenging given the wide variety of sales specialties that exist today. This is another great reason to dip your toe in the VP of Sales waters by going the fractional route. If they turn out to not be a good fit for you company, you’ll be able to move without all the headaches of unloading a senior-level full-time employee. Essentially, depending on the contract your draw up, it’s like hiring a temp and if you like them, you can make them an offer to go full-time.

It is important to remember that sales management styles vary and that can have a significant impact on how a company operates. Some VP of sales are micromanagers who hire people that will not waver from their instructions. Others are more expressive and outgoing who excel at putting people at ease.

When sourcing a Fractional VP of Sales, make sure to ask detailed questions about their experience and how their existing connections might be able to give them a running head start in their new role. You’ll also want to find someone who is highly organized and has a strong mentoring streak

SUMMARY: What A Fractional VP of Sales can do for your Salt Lake City Company

A Fractional VP of sales will help guide your Salt Lake team in the right direction while proving far less expensive than a full-time hire. They will bring in fresh ideas, strategies and connections that will boost your sales team’s moral and compliment its existing sales culture.

Most VPs of Sales come ready loaded with plans that are designed to be comprehensive and dynamic roadmaps to improve focus, efficiency, and productivity within a company.

The trick is finding one who is willing and able to customize their plan to your company and sales team.