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Utilize the Right Sales Tools to Help Close More Sales

Utilize the Right Sales Tools to Help Close More Sales

You should use a variety of tools to help you make your sales. Using a variety of tools can help you track online visitors, habits and conversions by using various tools and sophisticated technology. It is important to understand how you can use different sales tools to help close more sales. Here are some tools you should be using.

Google Keywords

Google makes it easy for companies to figure out which keywords they should use for PPC advertisements and SEO efforts. They offer a keyword tool so you can track the words that drive the most traffic, which can result in more sales and give you more information to track sales analytics in the future. Once you know those keywords, you can use them more frequently in your content to attract customers and prospects. Incorporating the right keywords will put your website and company name at the front of the most viewed search engine pages.

YouTube Analytics

Because Google owns YouTube, it now includes a sales analytics tool to track how well your videos are doing. It can tell you how many views you have, the visitor types, where they’re coming from and so much more. If you don’t already feature videos on your website, you may want to consider doing so, as more and more people want visuals that they can interact with and watch, instead of just reading.


There are websites that create surveys. You can use these sites to create customized surveys for your company. You can place them on your site or even email them to customers and potentials. They only take a few minutes to fill out, and most people want to voice their opinions anyway.


Networking is one of the best tools you can use to generate new sales and help you close them. If you can find ways to talk to others and incorporate these sales analytics into your daily lives, you’ll build up your customer base and be able to go after them using all the tools that can create excitement for what you’re offering.

Sharing Files/Collaboration

Sharing an attractive presentation with targeted customers is one of the best ways to generate interest. Sales analytics tools can help identify your client base. Sharing those files with them can then help you get them more interested and help close the sale, as well.

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