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How to Target Your Sales Efforts: From Your Sales Coach

How to Target Your Sales Efforts: From Your Sales Coach

Sell To The Decision Maker

Ask any sales coach and they will tell you, when selling, it is important not to waste much time on a prospective buyer that has no real influence over purchase decisions. If you need to, spend some time with this person to make sure you get your chance to talk with the decision maker. You need to make your way to the decision maker eventually if you expect to make a sale. Ask up front if you are speaking to the decision maker. This will make your life a whole lot easier, and you will be using your time wisely.

Spot the Stringers

There are a couple of types of buyers that will keep you dangling on a string in the sales process. The first type may be the decision maker. They don’t want to tell you no, but they don’t want to tell you yes either. A vital aspect of your sales effort when dealing with this type of customer is to utilize your time accordingly. Spending time with this type of buyer will take your time away from other sales efforts that may be more important. The second type of stringer is the one that loves your product, but they can’t make a decision without talking to one of their superiors first. This is not such a bad thing, because they will be pitch your product for you and may have a close relationship with the decision maker. However, it is important that you ask to speak to the decision maker immediately once contact is made, so that you aren’t running around in circles trying to make a sale.

Meet with the Decision Maker

Successful selling is often determined by the amount of time that you actually get to spend with the people who make the decisions. You can spend a ton of time with a non-decision maker, but it won’t make much of an impact on your bottom line. You might as well be pushing paper behind a desk. It is often difficult to get in front of the people who are in charge, but you need to make every effort that you possibly can if you expect to see good results. If you are having trouble with this, consult a sales trainer or sales coach who will provide you with insights, tips and training on how to get in front of the decision maker. Receptionists may hold you back, but you must devise a strategy to get in front of the people who really matter. Try making an appointment to see the person in charge, instead of going back and forth with someone who has minimal authority.

Happy Selling!

From your Sales Coach 🙂