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Five Things to Do When You Feel a Sale Slipping Away

July 19th, 2023

Five Things to Do When You Feel a Sale Slipping Away

It can be incredibly difficult to convince a client of anything, especially of something you’re selling. Every salesperson has had a situation where they’ve lost a client and it is never enjoyable. That said, there are many ways to save the sale if you feel it slipping through your fingers. Here are five easy strategies to prevent your transaction from falling through.

1. Understand the Product and the Customer

Your job as a salesperson is to understand what your product is and why some people would want or need it, then be able to demonstrate that to others. If you feel that you’re not convincing someone, try to understand why they would want your product. Ask them questions and show them how your product can solve their problem. Revolving your pitch around a solution to a need they present will make it more likely to succeed. Additionally, show how your product stands out from the competition, whether it’s because it’s a higher quality or it fills a niche that other brands don’t.

2. Negotiate a Better Deal

Sometimes the deal you’re initially offering isn’t within the right price range for a client, or they may not be unsure that your product is worth the amount you’re asking for. In which case, if you’re in a position to do so, try to negotiate price with them. A simple “let me see what I can do for you” can make a customer feel valued and demonstrates that you’re reasonable and care about saving them money. Being willing to negotiate the price, even if you ultimately decide on the previous price, may be enough to convince the buyer. However, don’t be desperate or a pushover. A negotiation should be an equal footing back and forth, eventually settling on a price you’re both happy with. Even so, if the client isn’t argumentative about it, a modest discount can go a long way.

3. Suggest an Alternative

If your client isn’t convinced of what you’re selling, consider introducing an alternative, one that may be better suited for what they need or their budget. Doing this gives you another shot at selling something to them and allows you to refresh and go from a different angle, one more tailored to their needs. Additionally, doing this shows that you’re willing to adapt to their needs and that you’re actually listening. It may also give them more time to consider the previous product or they may ask what else you have, holding their attention for longer.

4. Don’t Rush Them

If you try to rush your client, they may suddenly lose interest. Most people need time to think through and be confident in their decision. Rushing them not only messes with their thought process but will make you come across as either desperate or inconsiderate, both of which making them not want to trust you or your product. Give them the time they need to make up their mind, after you’ve provided them with all the relevant information. Doing this will make it more likely to make the sale and will show that you’re confident in your product.

If they need more time, let them. Sometimes they may need to speak with their spouse or go through their finances. Be patient and allow them to step back and even come back. You can offer to hold onto their product for a couple days while they decide or provide them with the contact information to reach you when they’ve made their decision. While they may still say no, your considerate behavior will make it more likely to go back to you when they’re ready.

5. Have a ‘Real’ Conversation

Dropping the pretenses and having a “real” conversation with your client about your product can create a more candid environment and can be done in a variety of ways. You can tell them about your own experiences with the product. You can ask more in-depth questions and allow them to open up a little. This can be done by just being honest with them, which can be a little scary, especially if you risk undermining the viability of your product. But even so, your honesty will be appreciated, respected, and show you care more about their needs than their money. Clients who are honest and have a genuine faith in their product will be one more thing to convince a client.