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Anatomy of a Stellar Strategic Sales Call

Anatomy of a Stellar Strategic Sales Call

Anatomy of a Stellar Strategic Sales Call

In sales, it is generally accepted that the most difficult way to close a sale is over the phone, especially with the first call.

Not only are phone calls impersonal, but if the prospect did not request the call, you can end up inconveniencing them which will never result in a sale. However, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of making a sale over the phone.

Anyone who is an expert in phone sales will tell you there are very strict unspoken rules you must follow to be successful in phone sales. An important part of any sales skills training, here are a few tips for making stellar strategic sales calls:

1) The Introduction

This is sometimes the most important part of the call as it is when you will quickly find out if there is any chance of making a sale. If your prospect doesn’t simply hang up or ask you not to call them again, you know you’re off to a solid start.

This could be your one and only chance to reel the prospect in, so it had better be good. Always be polite, listen attentively and be sincere. Think of phone sales as providing excellent customer service while making a sale.

If they interrupt you, stop talking. Listen to them and always display good manners. You called them so don’t be rude, short, or even worse, hang up on them, no matter the situation. Have some class and display professionalism under any circumstances. Always remember to get to the point quickly.

Any customized sales training worth its salt will teach you that it’s often a good idea to work from a script for your first call. A good introduction may read: “Hi, Mrs. Jones? My name is Jamie and I work for XYZ Industries. Is there any chance you have time to learn about a powerful new all-natural dietary supplement that has no side effects and only costs $29.99 for 60 capsules?”

You have been respectful, introduced yourself and gotten straight to the point as to why you called them and interrupted their busy day. The potential buyer has everything they need to know to make an informed decision about whether they want to continue the call.

2) Question and Answer

No matter how bad you want to just get through your script and close the sale, always try to bear in mind that this is not up to you. Your prospect may interrupt your product description or sales pitch at any time and ask questions. Once again, be polite and answer anything they ask.

As any industry-leading sales coach and sales trainer will tell you, it is important you do your research ahead of time because, if you are unable to answer even one question, the sale is as good as lost. Your prospect will see this as a certain indication that you did not do your due diligence and are just calling to make a buck.

Yes, the point is to make money, but it shouldn’t feel that way to a potential buyer. You should make the prospect feel as if you care about their life and that you are providing a valuable service to benefit them in some way.

3) Closing and Follow Up

This is a great opportunity to ensure your prospect or customer refers you to their friends and business associates whether they bought from you or not. If they have listened to your entire pitch, it means there is some interest in your product or service.

Even if they didn’t buy anything during that first call, always give them your contact information so they can call you back and place an order if they change their mind. Providing them with your contact information also sets you up for other potential clients because they may know a friend who could benefit as well.

If they did make a purchase, you want to make them a loyal client so they will continue to reorder through you. If you call them back regularly and check in on them after they have had enough time to try the product, they will feel like you genuinely care about them. As a result, you have maximized your chances of reordering as well as them referring you to their contacts.