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5 Performance-Based Sales Habits to Improve Sales

July 15th, 2015

5 Performance-Based Sales Habits to Improve Sales

Transforming your daily performance from sluggish to quota busting success is achievable. With proven techniques and strategies that change your game, injecting fresh ideas and habits into your daily routine is all it takes. Here are 5 sales habits to improve sales if you are willing to adapt to them!

Create Habits That Deliver
The first habit that will reward you with results begins with examining the structure of your day. If you think about your daily routine, perhaps there is something you are doing that’s holding you back. Are you waiting too long to return calls? Do you hesitate or not have all the information you need to provide answers to questions? Take the time to revisit what you’re doing and find out what you need to do to gain valuable insight into what really works. Keeping yourself educated and informed will be sure to boost your potential.

Don’t Wait for Leads to Come to You
Secondly, seek out your leads. Create a strategy strong enough to make your customers need your product before they even know it. Strong, interactive pitch strategies are what make a winning connection. Switch up your pitch to engage the customer. Ask them what they are looking for so you can find the way in to assure them that your product is what they need.

Stay on Top of Your Game
A third habit people often miss is taking the time to do their research. If you’re coming up short with answers to objections, do some quality fact checking. Learn more about how customer objections can be countered with strong, friendly rebuttals and strengthen your sale potential. When you have confidence in the product you are selling and the facts to back it up, you’ll present a winning sales pitch. Ensure sincerity is at the core of your conversations; this will build trust and loyalty in your brand.

Go the Extra Distance
Your fourth habit that will boost your results is to observe the work habits of the winning sellers on your team. If you are just noticing your co-worker in the corner cubicle who arrives early every day and stays late, maybe they are on to something. There’s something to be said about someone willing to go the extra distance to win the customer over. Look for ways to motivate the sale. Meet a client for coffee at their favorite shop. Get to know your customers and cater to them. It can make all the difference between their not being able to fit you into their busy schedule and enjoying your sales pitch over coffee.

Keep Detailed Records
The fifth and final habit to learn is realizing that just making the call isn’t enough. Keeping detailed records of your interaction can lead to another opportunity. Jotting down notes that describe your encounter is a strong habit you will need to develop. Perhaps you caught them on their way out. Bad timing isn’t always a lost sale. Perhaps they’ve mentioned a decline in profits, and they’re not in a financial position to buy. Note that in your records and follow up on how things are doing. Learning about potential customers is good business practice all around, and it can boost sales potential.

Adopt these 5 sales habits to improve sales and meet your quota every time!