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The Law of Large Numbers- 7 Steps to a Robust Sales Funnel

By:Doug Dvorak


The adage of not putting all of one’s eggs in one basket certainly applies to the topic of sales. With a great deal of competition and a deep target audience for many to reach, sales training methods have recognized this reality. From Chicago sales training to sales and marketing training forces around the globe, the Law of Large Numbers is an important concept to understand.

Creating a robust sales funnel is not about settling with your current customers, or by not playing an active role in acquiring new sales leads. Sales training is all about this concept, which can help transform your current endeavors into something much more rewarding. Follow these seven steps in order to strive after this unlimited potential growth.

Step 1 – Existing Customers

Chicago sales training consultants who are successful have realized that there is much potential within the current customers than meets the eye. These customers are first identified as those who buy from you regularly, or those that make you the most amount of money.

Why is this important? This process allows you to identify what your target audience is truly like. Motivational sales training methods will teach you to identify what your target audience consists of; however, this may not be what is in actuality. And once these areas are identified you will be able to have a better idea of how to reach potential buyers better, if you know who they are.

Step 2 – Traditional Marketing Methods

Business sales training lessons have proven to be effective over the years. Traditional marketing methods such as direct mail and sales calls are viable options in your marketing campaign. A creative and well-written brochure, or a sales call to a customer within your targeted market, can do wonders for reaching potential customers. Of course, don’t neglect to utilize these methods in regards to your existing customers, as they are great tools for drawing back happy clients.

Step 3 – Sales 2.0 Marketing Methods

Sales 2.0 marketing methods have altered the landscape of sales and marketing training. Now millions of people are able to be reached, which can drastically change the prospective clients of the largest and smallest businesses.

Take the time to utilize these effective, and in many cases, free methods. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other online communities offer free and time-efficient methods of reaching millions across the world. They also make great options for the next step with paid advertising.

Step 4 – Paid Advertising

According to your budgeting resources available, paid advertising allows you reach your targeted audience much more efficiently. Utilizing these methods requires adherence to sales and marketing training methods, which can teach you how to identify the best resources to utilize.

Additionally, you will need to consider what environment to utilize in your paid advertising scheme. For instance, it may be more appropriate for a business with a strict local service, such as a photographer in a smaller city, to utilize more traditional and local forms of paid advertising. On the other hand, a business that can be targeted globally can take advantage of the 350 million users on a website such as Facebook.

Step 5 – Suppliers

Another great way to use your budgeting money is through the use of suppliers that will give you sales leads. Sales management consultants will agree that suppliers can form an effective basis to your marketing scheme. Whereas sales training articles will debate the usefulness of suppliers in certain industries, if your business could benefit from a service such as this, it is worth the time and consideration.

Ask as many questions as you can in order to ensure you are receiving a quality supplier. For instance, infoUK recommends questions ranging from basic ideas of what kind of information and the going rates, to a specific and useful question regarding the supplier’s goneaway rate, which may not be so obvious in finding a supplier. Sales training articles and sales training consultants can help you identify quality suppliers for your business or offered services.

tep 6 – Following Through

Knowing what to do with your sales leads and interested customers is an important aspect. While capturing a potential buyer’s interest and getting their contact information on some medium is one thing, motivational sales training will teach you how following through is an entirely different issue. Regardless of whether you are using sales leads or marketing, or both, you must follow through with your target.

Plan how you will capture potential customers and draw their interest. If you are going to call them directly, plan out how you can achieve a quality call to lay out what you can offer or do for the customer. On the Internet, many businesses fail in following through with their traffic on their website, for instance. Paying for additional traffic to increase sales is a great way to draw in interested customers. However, a poorly written or designed website will do the business no good.

Step 7 – Measure, Repeat, and Adjust

Business sales training methods will result in both failures and successes. After you have been through the steps of creating your sales funnel you will need to identify and adjust your model of promoting your business, services, or products. Once this is done, you should see greater results in the next and subsequent steps of your attempts to grow.

In order to make progress in growing your sales funnel, you will need some dedication and sales training to find success. Utilize the resources best suited to reach your targeted customers. Also, identify who your customers are, what methods are appropriate, and how you can alter plans to increase your results.

You will find the Law of Large Numbers as a driving force to your success. Sales and marketing methods will teach you to find as many potential customers as you can, which is one of the most important steps. Identification and choices within your marketing plans will also be important points in developing this sales funnel. Once you have reached out to the large numbers of potential customers, you will be able to execute and grow in your business plans and goals.

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