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The Advantages of Fractional Sales Leadership

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The senior professionals at The Sales Coaching Institute are experts at yielding full-time results for part-time costs. This white paper explains how hiring a Fractional VP of Sales can identify crucial areas of improvement for your sales team while costing a fraction of the amount needed to secure a similarly experienced full-time hire.

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  • The benefits of hiring a Fractional VP of Sales beyond the lower impact on your operating budget
  • The five most important times when you should bring in a Fractional VP of Sales
  • How to choose a Fractional VP of Sales by evaluating their leadership experience and methodology
  • Why you need a Fractional VP of Sales who will succeed in the face of volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity (VUCA)
  • Why your Fractional VP of Sales should be the strategic difference in your company’s growth and success
  • Why your Fractional VP of Sales should leave behind a legacy that benefits your company long after they are gone


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