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Wichita, Kansas Sales Training & Sales Coaching Services

There is no magic solution to increased sales performance and productivity. The difference between an average and great sales reps is the amount of dedication, training, and guidance they receive. It’s easy for sales reps to become discouraged and unmotivated during the sales process if they are not conditioned to take on the demands of the job or never get the chance to properly develop their sales skills. However, formal development through careful guidance from an actively involved sales coach can expedite growth and improvements of up and coming sales reps dramatically.

The Sales Coaching Institute’s Wichita sales coaching and sales training services provide sales representatives with the necessary sales training to develop their professional sales skills. There is more to sales training than making calls and meeting clients; hiring a professional sales coaching professionals that can give critical feedback and constructive criticism ensures that sales representatives receive the guidance and customized sales coaching advice to sell with confidence.

The Sales Coaching Institute will teach you how to:
  • Influence people to make a change
  • Build meaningful relationships
  • Know how to close
  • Negotiate well
  • Know the product/service
  • Set realistic goals
  • Overcome objections
  • Be strategic
  • Give killer pitches and demos
Discover Opportunities for Improvement & Improve Selling Effectiveness :

The Sales Coaching Institute’s Sales Assessments provide sales teams with measured diagnostics to improve sales rep performance. The Sales Coaching Institute is dedicated to providing your team with the critical feedback required to make adjustments to selling behavior. We’ll gauge your sales representatives responses to a variety of scenarios during the sales process and coordinate with your sales managers to create a customized sales training plan for your sales representatives. Our Wichita sales training experts will coordinate with your sales team to discover opportunities for improvement and offer thorough guidance and advice in key areas such as:

  • Nurturing meaningful relationships with clients and prospects
  • Planning successful sales calls
  • Improving overall communication
  • Instilling confidence in proposal and presentation skills
one on one sales coaching
One-on-One Sales Coaching Plans Developed by Professional Sales Coaches

Our expert staff of sales training professionals and sales coaching staff has over 20 years of real-world success and experience implementing our field-tested, proven sales strategies. Developing effective sales skills and unlocking your team’s potential to succeed requires a training plan that is personalized to fit each individual’s unique characteristics.

The sales coaches at The Sales Coaching Institute have a profound appreciation for quality feedback and unbiased sales skills assessments. We’ve dedicated our sales coaching regiment to helping sales representatives implement lasting behavior changes that bring in new business and show measurable results towards your company’s bottom line. Our individualized coaching procedures are supplemented with interactive training programs, thoroughly researched white papers, blogs, and motivational workshops designed to instill confidence.

Save Time, Money, and Resources by Finding the Best Sales Candidates

An effective hiring and recruiting process will save your business a lot of heartache in the long run. Sales has a high turnover rate and for businesses of all sizes, finding the right sales candidate can be time-consuming and disappointing. The Sales Coaching Institute’s Executive Sales Recruiting Method is designed to assist businesses with recruiting salespeople who are highly coachable, personable, and professional.

Whether your finding sales talent to fill entry-level sales rep positions, account executives, or senior sales managers and leaders, our Sales Recruiting Method ensures that you find the right fit for the position by implementing an accurate and predictive screening process of sales candidates. We take a deep look at their performance history, relevant traits, and other vital variables that are crucial to succeeding as a sales professional.

Accurately Measure Business Situations and Execute Decisions with Confidence

Sales representatives in leadership positions have a demanding job that requires them to accurately read business situations and execute quick-witted decisions. These crucial sales skills don’t happen overnight, but an effective sales coach and The Sales Coaching Institute’s Business Acumen Training Program can help your sales professionals make informed and strategic business choices that could be the deciding factor in the overall success of your organization.

Our Business Acumen Training is comprised of a competitive, interactive, yet realistic training simulation that will test your sales professionals to make observant and calculated decisions during critical stages of a sales operations. Your sales professionals will undergo a challenging and deeply rewarding training program that will prepare them to think on their feet, carry out decisions and respond intelligently. Our sales coaches will train your sales professionals to make astute decisions during business operations of any scale.

The Sales Coaching Institute is committed to delivering an engaging and customized sales training program for Wichita, Kansas sales professionals.
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