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Doug Dvorak, CSP

Logistics Checklist

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my speaking experience, it’s that a successful event is created by managing the details. Thank you so much for your help in making the following logistics happen. Together, we’ll create a positive, fun, and memorable experience for your team members. Let’s do this!!!

Arrangements Work Description
Logistics Run Through Please provide 30-minutes where Doug and the AV team can test the sound, go through the presentation, and ensure everything is working properly before the event.
Arrival Doug makes every effort to get in the day before his program. Please let him know if there is an event the evening before his program, as he does like to attend those functions.
Arrival Day of Program Doug will arrive on-site at least one hour before his speaking time, unless directed otherwise.
Introduction Please download Doug’s “Stage Introduction” and use this to introduce him to the audience
Microphone Doug prefers a wireless lavalier & handheld microphones. Please make sure it has fresh batteries. A second microphone for audience participation and questions is also helpful.
Podium Please remove the podium or move it to the side of the stage so it does not block the audience's view.
Confidence Monitor Doug will need to see his presentation without turning around and looking at the screen. Please provide a confidence monitor or ensure his laptop is visible from the stage.
Presentation Doug will use his laptop to project the presentation. These slides are optimized for a 16:9 display.
Slide Advancer Please provide a back-up long-range slide advancer.
Recording Recording of the presentation is permitted for non-financial use if Doug gets the master copy of the raw footage that he can use freely in his marketing efforts.
Audience Interaction Please have a wireless handheld microphone and a mic-runner available to capture audience comments and questions.
Access to Stage Doug occasionally brings audience members up on stage. They will need easy access to the stage.
Social Media Info Please tag Doug in any photos on social media at Grategy.
Video Testimonials If testimonials are part of your contract, prepare to record them immediately following the event.
Hotel Arrangements Please send Doug the confirmation # for his hotel reservation based on preferences outlined in the contract.
Payment All payments must be received prior to Doug’s program. 50% deposit holds the date and the balance is due ten days before the event.
Book Signing If a book-signing is part of our contract then please provide a cocktail table and chair, black tablecloth, sticky notes, pens, and one staff member to help manage the line.