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How to Rightsize and Cost-Size your Sales Organization by Following a Well-Defined Sales Process

By:Doug Dvorak


Recent sales training articles have expressed the importance and difference of rightsizing and cost-sizing a business, in opposition to downsizing. Downsizing cuts away resources and employees, getting rid of assets and employees in order to make it. Rightsizing, inextricably linked to cost-sizing in terms of financial resources, seeks to spend less, to make processes more efficient, and to redirect ineffective assets and resources in a more productive manner.

Improving Outside Aspects of the Organization

Sales and marketing training experts will inform you a great deal of a business’s efficiency is within its processes and the manner in which resources and employees are handled. However, sales coaching institutes have also realized the importance of external aspects of a sales organization. All processes and aspects must be considered in maintaining the efficiency of a business’s sales process and operations.

One strong example can be seen in the trend of going green. Sales training articles stress this movement that can save a great deal of resources. For instance, LCDs use a significant less amount of power compared to CRT screens. Other devices and areas can produce similar results.

Take a look around the organization for more ideas to cut costs effectively. For example, many organizations have a great deal of additional office space that is not needed. Some smaller businesses don’t even need an office at all. Expenses like these can allow an organization to grow with time, versus building on unnecessary expenses.

Evaluate Processes and Expenses

Sales training consultants stress the questioning of every process and expense. To begin with, analyze every process to see how to impacts the sales organization. Some tasks may be able to be automated with CRM technology, for instance. Others can be guided into more effective processes. Your sales training team can help identify new standards and procedures to make them more effective. Yet the most important ability is to be able to analyze what the organization has been doing before it can be made more effective.

Motivational sales training experts also stress the questioning of every business expense within the organization. In a Microsoft Midsize Business Center sales training article, it is demonstrated that some expenses are not as necessary as they seem:

  • Expenses that were once considered necessary evils such as trade show presences or rote, me-too advertising because everyone is doing it, need to be analyzed from a break-even perspective,” says John Kulisek, a vice president for Norben Import Corp., which imports silk flowers and seasonal novelties. “Just because it has been the status quo in your industry does not mean your company needs to follow the herd to the slaughterhouse.

Executing the same type of effort towards the sales organization’s expenses can have a similar and positive effect.

Adjust the Sales Process Accordingly

According to your findings, seek to redefine the organization’s sales process. Changes in technology, expenses, and employees must occur within the scheme of the sales process. Thus, for change to be effective you must follow through on necessary changes to the sales process. Once the sales process is maximized in its efficiency and productivity, find ways to adjust the process accordingly.

In rightsizing, sales training articles stress that the importance of not necessarily cutting down or letting go of resources. You don’t need to get rid of employees or reduce expenses. Rather, rightsizing and cost-sizing methods allow you to realign all types of resources in order to mesh with the sales process.

Immediate Action

In order for the business sales training research performed on the sales process to be effective, action must be taken in all forms.  Don’t haste into bad decisions, but act immediately in order to reap the rewards of rightsizing and cost-sizing your sales organization.

According to Barry Moltz, author of Bounce! Failure, Resiliency and the Confidence to Achieve Your Next Great Success, one must “Cut costs now even if revenue has not gone down… No small business owner has ever regretted cutting costs too soon.”  Immediate action will reap positive rewards for your sales organization.  Act as quickly as possible to improve your organization’s efficiency and numbers.

Communication and Reevaluation

Chicago sales training speakers and those across the world are aware of fragile morale within an organization, especially when major alterations are taking place.  Thus, this is why sales training articles stress communication in moments when changes occur.

Ensure your employees and managers are aware of the changes taking place and the reasons why.  You want them to be with you, and a loss of productivity is inevitable if they are not aware or on board to these changes.  Meetings, memos, and informational sessions can help curb a negative reaction and increase communication in an important moment like this.

Sales and marketing training methods have shown effectiveness in the communication and reevaluation within an organization.  Sales training articles have recommended focus groups, which effectively change the process from the start to the end.  Have important members of the organization brainstorm on changes to increase productivity and help with numbers.  Additionally, these strategies can help reevaluate the changes taking place and point at new methods.

Maintaining the Efficient Sales Process

The sales team training methods presented here should always be taking place within the changes to the sales process. Analyzing the changes and the effectiveness of them can be instrumental in measuring their effects, and creating new objectives and alterations.

Make sure you identify the needs of the sales organization on a consistent basis. Again, you don’t need to eliminate resources, employees, and other assets. In fact, you may not even need to cut down on spending. Businesses are buying, yet the businesses that rightsize and cost-size the organization are doing these things in a smarter way. They are identifying and acting on more efficient products, and making their employees more effective in various ways.

Sales training articles have spread the benefits of rightsizing and cost-sizing. These methods offer instrumental methods to shifting all types of resources to add productivity and efficiency in the sales process. Keep analyzing and making changes where appropriate to maintain the efficient sales process, and to improve it.

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