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How to Give an Effective Sales Presentation

Fortunately or unfortunately, people judge products and services by the way a sales rep presents them before a buying audience. People’s perceptions about the company are formed based on the sales presentations they attend. This is a stage where the personality of the sales person comes in to consideration along with the product. The way the sales person speaks, what they says, how they answers questions, and how they dispels doubts all fall under scrutiny. An effective sales presentation can enhance the reputation of the company, help form a high opinion about the products, and can lead to sales of the products. A sales presentation therefore is an integral part of the sales process and proper preparation and emphasis should be placed on it.

Everybody gets butterflies before a sales presentation. But those with confidence present a better picture than those without it. The ones that speak confidently and explain lucidly make the sales presentation entertaining and effective. Those that are not able to give an effective sales presentation can improve. There are ways by which a sales presentation can be made a winning one.

Sales Presentation

Ignore the Butterflies

Remember being slightly nervous about a presentation is a natural thing and soon you should forget those feelings as you get immersed in the subject. Besides, people will not notice your nervousness unless you make a scene of it. People are busy thinking about themselves. So move on with confidence. If you are feeling butterflies whirling wildly around your stomach, get them to fly in formation with the same focus you have given to your sales presentation.

Give a Solid Start

Make a good start. As they say about the first impression – if the starting is easy the remaining part of the presentation just rolls. Preferably start with a healthy joke or some comment that will connect you with your audience. That will relax everybody and you will get their attention too.

Add Enthusiasm to Your Voice

Make sure that you sound enthusiastic enough and ensure that it comes across in your voice. If you, the presenter, is not enthusiastic enough nobody else will be. Practice speaking in an enthusiastic tone before a mirror. Make a habit of being enthusiastic whenever you talk. During the presentation it will come without much effort. Remember, enthusiasm sells!

Keep Presentations Short

To sustain the interest of the audience keep your sales presentation short. Lengthy presentations will attract yawns, resistance, and disinterest. Only elaborate the main features, functions and benefits of your product or service and keep your talk concise. If your prospect or audience starts to look at his watch repeatedly you know you are loosing him. The best strategy to employ at this time is to pick-up the pace and/or shorten the presentation and position yourself competitively.

Love Your Job

What does a sales rep giving a confident presentation exude? He exudes unmistakable authenticity. He is more likely to exhibit a “feel good” aura for representing his company and its products. He loves his company, product, his job, and himself. It’s natural for that love and self-respect to get reflected in his words and his presentation. The energy that springs from a natural love for his job simply gets noticed. And the audience starts believing in his product or service.

The profession of sales is for people that like to meet new people, get to know them and their needs, and establish a professional relationship with them. Also, a sales person must like the company he represents and the product or service he promotes. Otherwise all attempts at making sales presentations better will not appear genuine. No amount of rehearsal can help if you do not love your job genuinely.

As you speak out of conviction the feeling of authenticity gets transmitted and the audience starts to believe what you are saying. This could open the gates to future sales opportunities for which you are ultimately aiming.

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