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How Hiring A Sales Training Specialist Can Jump Start Your Bottom Line Profits

By:Doug Dvorak


The Natural Salesmen

Selling is an art and there are people naturally gifted with this art. Right from birth these natural salesmen get busy marketing the only product they have – themselves. They clutch a tuft of their mother’s hair or dad’s ears and pull their faces towards themselves. They wave their hands, paddle their legs, clap, laugh, giggle, and cry to get attention as well as care.

These smart babies grow up to be successful salesmen in school too. They start profitable businesses as children too, by selling lemonade, old comics, used video games, and other knick knacks thus laying the foundation for a remarkable sales career ahead.

But that doesn’t mean that those that haven’t sold old video games for a profit in school cannot become successful sales professionals when they grow up. They can – through training.

What Sales Training Specialists Do

Sales involve techniques that require constant honing. Personal appearance, body language, timing of making calls, words chosen while making a presentation, knowledge about the market and competition, the requirement of the client etc. – there are a host of things a sales person should be well versed in. Even the handshake has to be right when meeting a prospect for the first time.

Sales training specialists can teach the sales team of an organization about the basics of sales to complicated things like improving sales metrics.

Sales training specialists know how the latest effective sales models function. Combining the latest sales training methods with the traditional sales wisdom, they educate your sales team about the successful ways of selling. In a conference room, class room type set up, or even in the field they coach the sales team about the rudiments of progressive sales training tips, tricks and techniques.

Just hand over to the sales training professional a group of people who are eager to learn and change. He will do the rest.

Sales trainers will also identify any existing problem with your sales team and recommend a cost-effective, one-size-fits-one solution. Is someone on your sales team having problems closing? Or is somebody finding it difficult in converting cold calls into appointments? Sales trainers will help correct the flaws and improve the bottom line – profits.

Hard Facts

The USA places increased emphasis on training of the workforce. The American Society for Training and Development (ASTD) estimates that US corporations spent $109.25 billion on employee learning and training in 2007. A study of 11 global high tech companies carried out in April 2007 by ASTD and sponsored by Hewlett Packard, points out that organizations spend nearly 75-80% of their training budget on sales training. The study also confirms that sales training does help in developing robust competency models to help accelerating sales and push profits up.

It makes a lot of business sense to hire a sales training specialist.

About the Author:

Doug Dvorak helps companies and professionals achieve results through customized, creative and non-traditional sales training systems that are “one size fits one” and developed to the unique business needs and “sales pain points” of each client. He is available to speak on these topics.

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Doug Dvorak, CEO of DMG International, is the Author of the forthcoming book “Build Your Own Brand” (Pelican, 2009)