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Digital Transformation: How To Survive and Thrive in the Age of Mass Disruption and Extinction

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The professionals at The Sales Coaching Institute have created a 9 page Executive White Paper that offers insight into how to use digital selling skills to win more business. By utilizing the information inside of this Executive White Paper and mastering these skills, you will begin to generate more leads and close more business through online platforms including email, Facebook, LinkedIn and many morel

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  • Connect with the decision-maker online through their preferred digital platform.
  • Help your sales team develop a well-executed plan and fully understand how and why digital selling should be used throughout the sales and marketing process.
  • Know how to maximize your reach to different target markets using different online platforms.
  • Become an industry resource and expert in digital platforms
  • Be there throughout the process, using a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) software, it is possible to automate the scheduling of regular follow-up emails to see if the customer needs assistance after the product or service has been delivered/implemented.
  • Maximizing access using a CRM helps the sales rep develop a detailed profile of the customer. This profile allows them to identify specific information to share, offers to make, or value-added solutions they can promote that have a higher likelihood of attracting the customer’s attention.
  • Effective use of analytics by the sales and marketing departments can pinpoint the specific words, images, or other features that trigger the desired response in your target audience.
  • Know how your customers find you. Adjusting Google Analytics and your social media analytics can be instrumental in pinpointing your target audience.
  • Avoid cold calling. A savvy digital sales rep can provide information and solutions without being focused on sales – interacting with the decision-makers online allows them to build a reputation as a resource and a trusted professional.


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