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From Good to Great – 5 Steps to Motivational Excellence

By:Doug Dvorak


The jump from good to great is a huge one and no one can compel you to achieve it. It comes from within. The starting point is of course the desire to excel, to put in that extra something that makes work and life filled with the fresh morale everyday to give our best to satisfy a need to excel. In work for instance, most of us are happy just to follow instructions. But is that the way you thought when you started out? Wasn’t it your dream to be the best in your chosen field? Well you can start right now!

5 Steps to Motivate You to Excel

Here are 5 easy ways to ensure that you always have your finger on the pulse of customer preference.

  • Dig out your dreams : All of us have dreams that we buried somewhere as we got bogged down by the harsh realities of life. Well, bring them out. All great people started with a dream.
  • Do what you love : You can never excel unless you enjoy what you do. This is because at times the going could get so tough that slogging at something day after day can be a drudge. So make sure you love what you are setting out to do.
  • Be inspired : Keep inspiring yourself with a picture of what things will be like once you achieve your goals. Read books on great people. Their struggles will inspire you. Build your spiritual strength through nurturing faith.
  • Plan a strategy : A strategy is more than just a plan. Find what you need to do to get what you dream of. Find out the obstacles you could face and plan how you will overcome them. Also, find what others in your situation did. You have to work smart and not just hard. Getting the best results in the shortest time is the key. Plan to invest triple of what you think you will need .This prepares you for the worst.

With these five steps as the basis you can never go wrong. You can be assured of an invigorated self, renewed morale, resilience to stress, increased creativity and good humor, not to mention the fun element as you live your dreams.


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About the Author:

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