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The 5 P's of Professional Selling

Punctual, Presentable, Positive, Personable & Prepared

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What's Inside

While the specific sales format or process may vary slightly from B2B and C-level sales, there are still 5 important factors, the 5 P’s that need to be the foundation of your professional sales approach and method.

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  • Deliver a clear message during each customer touch point throughout the sales process
  • Make a great first impression using our 6-point approach
  • Set yourself apart from the competition in a professional and positive way
  • Be prepared during all sales activities (pre-meeting, during the meeting & after the meeting)
  • Be relaxed and composed during all customer interactions
  • Create mental lists of crucial topics that provides information, develops the client profile & keeps the sales process moving forward
  • Use the right resources to learn key information about the company, the buyer or team, the industry, and the competition


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Increase Sales Performance by Focusing on the Foundation of Your Sales Approach: the 5 P's

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