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Executive White Paper – A Practical Guide to Sales Compensation

A Practical Guide to Sales Compensation

Read Our FREE White Paper and Learn How to Create a Sales Compensation Plan That Works For Everybody

What's Inside

In the profession of selling, compensation drives behavior. The proper plan will provide clear direction to drive your activities and those of your sales reps. Also, effective compensation strategies enable management to make informed business decisions.

Download this FREE guide and you'll be able to

  • Determine how compensation drives behavior by getting inside the minds of top sales professionals
  • Discover why a floating commission plan works
  • Determine how sales people sell and how customers purchase to understand the best roles in which to place sales reps
  • Successfully create and implement 4 different types of sales compensation plans
  • Align your sales compensation plan with your company goals
  • Avoid common mistakes company leaders make when implementing a new sales compensation plan
  • Monitor and evaluate the success of your sales compensation plan


Increase Sales Performance by Adopting & Implementing an Effective Sales Compensation Plan

We know you're good. But do you want to be better? Download this free white paper and learn how to structure your sales compensation plans professionally so that your sales team works harder and happier.