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Don’t Have A Sales Manager – Hire A Sales Training Consultant To Help Increase Sales!

By:Doug Dvorak


Omnipresent Sales Forces

In the increasingly competitive business landscape, sales teams of business establishments have become indispensable features. From start ups to established big multi-national companies – every organization that sells products or services has a sales team. The size of the sales teams may vary from a one man army to battalions of sales people, but a sales department is a must for most companies and firms.

Role of Sales Managers

Usually a sales manager leads the team of sales people. This need not be true in all cases. With sales persons reporting directly to the vice-president or to the owner (in case of small firms) there are no sales managers in many organizations.

However, a sales manager is expected to lead the sales team. He is supposed to be the friend, philosopher, and guide of the sales persons. Typically a sales manager monitors the progress of the individual sales persons and the team as well. Due to various reasons, ranging from personal to professional, performance of the sales team gets affected from time to time. The sales manager sorts out the professional issues and advises as a friend on personal ones. He also acts as a link between the sales staff and senior management.

Sales Training Consultants are not Mere Substitutes, They are Better

In the absence of a sales manager this vital role can be entrusted to sales training consultants. Sales training consultants are seasoned and skilled sales professionals that have sound market knowledge and profound insight in to human behavior as well. Their sales wisdom and information about the latest market trends come with diligent study and years of in field experience.

Sales training consultants are adept at detecting flaws in the sales methodology of a business organization. They are equally skilled in zeroing in on causes of under- performance of the sales staff. They are part marketing experts and part psychologists that are respected for their capability to suggest remedies to increase sales.

From motivating the sales staff to weeding out unproductive sales practices, these gurus of selling are good at the entire gamut of sales related activities. These pros not only perform what sales managers can but they also do much more such as:

  • Sales training consultants can present the much emphasized out-of-the-box thinking.
  • They can develop better rapport with the sales staff by their friendly and easy manners. It has been observed that sales personnel trust sales training consultants and open up about their problems.
  • They can call a spade a spade when it comes to honest analysis as they are not on the pay roll of the hiring firm.

So, hire a sales training consultant to boost your sales with the use of tested and proven methods.

About the Author:

Doug Dvorak helps companies and professionals achieve results through customized, creative and non-traditional sales training systems that are “one size fits one” and developed to the unique business needs and “sales pain points” of each client. He is available to speak on these topics.

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