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Sales Coaching & Training – Detroit, Michigan

Sales Coaching & Training – Detroit, Michigan

Our professional staff of certified Detroit sales coaches and trainers understand the value of teaching and learning fundamental sales skills. The Sales Coaching Institute is dedicated to providing quality sales training programs to businesses of all sizes within the city of Detroit and its surrounding areas. Investing in sales training is an important and crucial decision to the success of your business and representatives. Our customized sales training programs are designed to allow the sales professionals within your organization to realize their full potential by sharpening their sales skills and abilities.

The Sales Coaching Institutes Detroit sales training curriculum is comprised of field-tested “reinforcement training” – a system that utilizes a structured combination of sales training materials, online sales training platforms, and one on one sales coaching workshops to facilitate learning of fundamental sales skills.

The Sales Coaching Institute provides a unique and engaging Detroit sales training program:

Detroit One on One Sales Coaching
  • The One-On-One Coaching program trains individual sales representatives to sell with confidence. Our Detroit sales coaches offer a fresh perspective of each sales rep’s unique selling styles and capabilities. We are committed to delivering an effective and actionable sales strategy that is tailored to the specific sales training goals of your sales reps.
Sales Assessments :
  • Our detailed Sales Assessments provides an in-depth analysis of your sales team operations in every aspect of selling to ensure that your team capitalizes on opportunities that make a difference to your bottom line.
Business Acumen Sales Training :
  • The Sales Coaching Institutes Business Acumen program will immerse your sales reps in a 1 day,  game-based training simulation that will teach them how to craft winning sales solutions and decision-making skills that increase profit margins and improve sales leadership qualities for those who successfully complete the course.
Our Detroit sales training program will inspire your sales team to tackle new challenges, experiment with new selling methods, and improve overall sales performance.
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Detroit Sales Training & Sales Coaching Areas of Focus
Detroit Sales Coaching Areas of Focus :
  • General Business Etiquette
  • Proper Preparation
  • Elite Product/Service Knowledge
  • Generating Superior First Impressions
  • Tactics to Advance to the Next Step
  • Nurturing Relationships
  • Overcoming Fear of Rejection
  • Handling Customer Concerns & Rejections
  • Sales Presentations Training
  • Sales Management Training
  • Optimizing Sales Team Relations
  • Time and Priority Management
  • Prospecting
Sales Management Areas of Focus:
  • Improving Leadership Skills & Techniques
  • Improving Team Energy & Focus
  • Product/Service Specific Techniques to Improve Efficiency
  • The Importance of Accountability
  • Proven Strategic Planning Tactics
  • Rewarding Results Accordingly
  • Delegating Tasks Responsibly
Additional Areas of Focus:
  • Self-Motivation Strategies
  • Confidence Building Exercises & Strategies
  • Setting & Meeting Realistic Sales Goals
  • The Importance of a Positive Mental Attitude
  • Holding Customers Accountable
  • Selling Value & Knowledge, Not Price
You’ll Learn the Nine Things That Require Zero Talent to be Successful in Sales!
  • Being on Time
  • Work Ethic
  • Effort
  • Energy
  • Attitude
  • Passion
  • Being Coachable
  • Doing Extra
  • Being Prepared
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We are proud to provide sales coaching and sales skills training for Cincinnati, Ohio sales professionals. We look forward to helping you improve your sales strategies for sales success.

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