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Build Your Business With Just 25 Targeted Sales Calls Per Day

Learn how to increase engagement with your prospects and customers.

The primary goal of making phone calls is to reach a goal, depending on your job profile. These goals will help you determine the number of calls that you need to make each day.
If you want to build your business successfully, you need a goal of 25 targeted sales calls per day, including any callbacks from potential customers. This winning formula is going to put you well on your way to outselling your competition.

Why Not 100 Calls?

When you are rushing to meet a quota of 100 sales calls per day, you leave very little room for meaningful conversations with prospective customers. Failing to have meaningful conversations will cost you revenue. When you set a number like 25, you are leaving ample time to really engage with your potential customers. Your leads will appreciate you taking this time and be
more likely to become loyal customers of your brand.


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