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5 Sales Strategies to Improve Sales Effectiveness

5 Sales Strategies to Improve Sales Effectiveness

By:Doug Dvorak


Sales and marketing training methods have identified an unlimited amount of sales strategies to improve sales effectiveness. Sales training articles have identified a number of methods to do just this. These five sales strategies will span some of the most essential steps to improving sales effectiveness. Soon you will be able to see success and growth in your sales and business endeavors.

Identify Your Target Customers

There are few things worse in sales than to be trying to sell something to the wrong person.  It can be perfect for someone’s needs; however, not everyone will fit into this category.  To market and prospect to customers who are not in this category, or do not display a certain need, would drastically undermine the efficiency of your attempts.

Business sales training lessons stress the importance of identifying your market.  Identify what your product is about, including who it will most likely assist, what need it remedies, and if it may be marketed out of your region.  Use the same approach with any applicable services you are offering.

Sales is as much about knowing your product and who your target customers are than the actual sales process.  The two most important categories in this identification process are in the target customer category and in regards to location.  However, don’t stop there.  Sales training articles will inform you of the importance of knowing much deeper specifics regarding your customers.  Sales training also stresses how your products and services may interact with potential customers.

Obtain and Follow Through on Leads

If you want to grow your business and sales efforts, you must be able to reach out to obtain a significant number of leads. It has been said that sales is not a numbers game, but a percentage one. Business sales training statistics reveal how effective methods directed at the right market will obtain success. The more leads and potential customers you have, the better your growth potential.

Bookstores, libraries, and the Internet overflow with valuable sales training articles on how to market and obtain leads. Motivational sales training individuals and business also stress various ways to find your potential customer base.

Utilize traditional and online marketing methods to effectively reach your audience. One method may be preferable, most likely based on the location of the product or services you offer. Free methods exist as well; Facebook alone has 350 million active users around the world. Online social communities offer additional opportunities for smart salespeople to find customers.

Take advantage of free and paid opportunities to get your product in the eyes of your market. If applicable, your sales team training force can utilize some of the newer methods at obtaining more potential customers. Regardless of the case, obtain as many leads as possible and follow through on your leads, as seen in couple of examples in subsequent sections within this article.

Use Prime Selling Times

As seen in the previous point, the more customers you contact and are exposed to your products and services, the more likely you will be able to find success and improved effectiveness in your sales endeavors.  When using more traditional methods such as telephone calls to certain buyers or clients, there becomes a lack of regards to administrative work and selling times.

Sales Training Consultancy, a sales training institute in the United Kingdom, has recommended a prime selling time.  This scheme seeks to combine administrative work by using it at times less convenient for your customers, so that you are more likely to successfully contact your customers:.

  • 9:00-9:30: Administrative Work
  • 9:30-12:00: Prime Selling Time
  • 12:00-1:00: Lunch
  • 1:00-2:00: Administrative Work
  • 2:00-4:30: Prime Selling Time
  • 4:30-5:30: Administrative Work

Of course this likely won’t be what you will want to model exactly; many businesses and salespeople should mix Internet-based methods as well. However the point is to contact customers when they are more likely to be able to talk. If you are reaching customers at the correct times that are in your target audience, you are setting yourself up for improved sales effectiveness from a crucial point in business sales training.

Master Consultative Selling

Business sales training methods have produced results with consultative selling methods. Consultative selling sells to the customer’s needs, by identifying what the customer is looking for and establishing a dialogue. Consultative selling uses motivational sales training methods to provide each customer with a unique and adaptable experience, by providing customized recommendations.

Sales and marketing training experts will tell you that part of consultative selling is based in the actual interaction between the salesperson and customer, beyond that of the actual selling. The key is to build rapport and a positive relationship with the customer. Show enthusiasm, ask questions, and try to develop an understanding of the customer’s needs.

The most important step is to offer appropriate solutions for your customer. Utilize your sales team training, if applicable, to present solutions that can make a difference for the customer. Always do your best to provide this level of service to the customer. It will go a long way at building an honest relationship with a customer or business. Even if you can’t solve a customer’s needs, helping them in any way you can will do a lot for your business or sales objectives. Customers will refer others to businesses with this level of service.

Utilize Current and Potential Customers

Don’t forget about your current customers in your sales team training scheme and personal sales initiatives. You may be surprised how current customers can recommend your services or products to other people and businesses they know. A business’s sales management consultant could recommend your services to businesses they serve after committed service on your end.

Sales team training methods have proved how current customers can return and additionally bring more potential customers. Potential customers who enjoy your services or products are great for word-of-mouth marketing as well. Provide the same committed services to both sets, and don’t be afraid to follow up. Your sales efficiency will rise drastically with quality service and products, and marketing schemes within current customers as well.

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