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4 G Selling – How to Use and Leverage Social Media Marketing for Sales Success

By:Doug Dvorak


In a study conducted by SocialMediaToday, 28% of the US adult population credited social media sites as a reliable source of information for their buying decisions. The same study reported that 70% of the businessmen planned to initiate new social media campaigns to boost their sales in 2010. Another set of mindboggling social media statistics as revealed by Econsultancy says that:

  • Facebook has over 400 million users, 75% of whom remain active each day.
  • An average user on Facebook has 130 online friends.
  • More than 0.7 million local businesses have their profile on Facebook.
  • Twitter has around 75 million user accounts and one-third of them are active on a regular basis.
  • 1.3 million tweets are put up per hour on Twitter.
  • There are approximately 50 million accounts on LinkedIn on a global basis.
  • Nearly 38% of the people post online product reviews regularly.

Tips for Leveraging Social Media

This is a fast paced world and you cannot afford to lag behind. Therefore, it is crucial to capitalize on social media to help you in your viral business campaign. Follow these tips to achieve this objective:

  • Find out which social site is useful for your business needs. For example, Facebook is useful for Business to Retail (B2R) and LinkedIn for Business to Business (B2B).
  • Add new potential customers to your accounts on these sites.
  • Update your tweets regularly with links to the articles and blogs for your business.
  • Monitor your traffic and rankings each day. For this, you can download free online toolbars.

How to Begin Your Marketing Plan

If you aim at developing a relationship with people in your target market, you have to build a careful marketing strategy. Ask the following questions to yourself, the answers of which can be really helpful for you to develop a plan:

  • Who is your target market (age group, gender, profession)?
  • Where to find them (Facebook, LinkedIn, Boomer)?
  • What type of products and services do they like?
  • What benefits are you offering them (your unique selling point)?
  • What keywords do they use to search for the kind of services you offer?

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About the Author:

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